A4 Pea Seeds Risograph Print

A4 Pea Seeds Risograph Print

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‘Pea Seeds’ 3 layer Risograph, A4, original print.

A great gift for gardeners, plant lovers and home decorators looking for colourful wall art inspired by all things botanical.

This illustration was designed for Riso printing in three colour layers. This print uses Florescent Pink which is not achievable with digital printing and makes all the other colours really pop off the page! Professionally printed in the UK on 250gsm paper stock these prints have a high quality finish and a nice weight to them.

A Risograph machine is a stencil duplicator. It's a cross between screen printing and photocopying. The Riso prints one colour at a time in bright, vibrant colours. It's a mechanised form of printing but the results are similar to a screen print, layering up colours and creating overlays. Each print is slightly different with the layer registration and ink coverage making them fall within the original print category.

Printed at a standard A4 size this print is designed to work with off the shelf frames so you can get it up on your wall with minimal cost and maximum efficiency! This print is sold UNFRAMED.